A pioneering extension for build number 668: A synthesis of elegance and innovation

In luxury yachting, Akerboom stands for innovation and craftsmanship. The recent transformation of build number 668 exemplifies our commitment to excellence and modern yachting challenges.

The project began with a design study aimed at extending the swim platform by 2.7 meters. This inadvertently made the existing gangway (which originally was 6.59 meters long) inadequate for safe shore boarding.

Akerboom was then tasked with finding a workable solution within the restrictive frameworks. In close collaboration with industry leaders Azure, YCO, Monaco Marine, and Akerboom, several technical proposals were meticulously developed, each with its own set of advantages and limitations.

The chosen solution was a stroke of ingenuity: extending the existing gangway at a strategic point to enhance its reach, ensuring safe disembarkation. This extension, adding an additional 1.1 meters and making the gangway a total of 7.69 metres, was achieved within the same housing, a remarkable feat that maintained the yacht’s original aesthetic integrity.

The newly extended gangway also features a new hydraulic and electric control system, equipped with the latest hardware that also operates the jet ski crane and the transom door. With state-of-the-art sensor detection, Akerboom guarantees safety and precision with every movement. Comprehensive service on the transom door and Lloyd’s surveys on the propeller aft sealing were conducted to ensure top-notch functionality.

Originally built by De Vries Aalsmeer in 2004, the yacht’s legacy is further enriched by Akerboom’s touch —  extending both its physical structure and operational lifespan.

At Akerboom, we don’t just extend gangways; we extend the very essence of yachting excellence. Our work with build number 668 demonstrates our ethos: to innovate within the bounds of elegance, ensuring every yacht is poised for adventure, equipped for safety, and ready to make waves in the luxury yachting world.