About us

Our quality

Quality and durability are Akerbooms hallmark. Craftsmanship is of paramount importance to us. Both design and engineering as well as the manufacturing and installation of each of our products are done with the greatest care. 'Quality', by the way, is a key word for the two yacht builders that together form Feadship: Royal Van Lent and the Royal De Vries Group. The name Feadship is a worldwide guarantee for yachts of superior quality.

Our company

Akerboom Yacht Equipment is the absolute top producer for yacht equipment on luxury superyachts. Akerboom is a Dutch company and delivers the Dutch top quality that belongs on a superyacht.

In addition to design, engineering and production of yacht equipment, Akerboom Yacht Equipment also offers yacht service. The best maintenance for the best superyachts.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Royal De Vries Group, AYE shares the group's mission: 'To build the most beautiful boats, while enjoying our work'.

Our clients
AYE is a fully independent company. We are a dedicated co-maker for the yards in Aalsmeer and Makkum of the Royal De Vries Group. In addition, we work for other renowned yacht builders such as Royal Van Lent. We provide service to the major shipyards Amico, MB92, Safe Harbor Rybovich. We also provide a lot of service directly to the yacht with attention to what the crew on board wants from us.

Our working method

According to the concept of 'one stop shopping', the De Vries shipyards place every request for yacht equipment with AYE. Because factors such as workload and delivery times always play a role, we have started to develop modular products. These are standardized elements that we use as the basis for the unique Akerboom quality. We can make these elements due to our rich experience and technical knowledge and development. After all, we guarantee Feadship quality!

Growth plans

The products and services of Akerboom Yacht Equipment are in great demand inside and outside the De Vries Group. Our yacht service travels the world, we come to the place where the yacht is moored. That is why we have opened a branch on the coast of Florida, USA, and will soon be opening more branches in the ports where we regularly work. 

Akerboom is also continuously looking for new colleagues!

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