Modern hydraulic and electrical system for an existing gangway

Many years ago, Akerboom delivered a hydraulic gangway on a 50m Feadship. After 25 years of good service, the gangway was up for a complete overhaul and a renewal of the hydraulic and electrical control system.

The crew turned to Akerboom, the trusted OEM for yacht equipment. The gangway received the latest upgrades and systems Akerboom nowadays implements in new build Feadships, including new and modern hydraulic and electrical systems.

The gangway now runs more smoothly than ever, using the newest PLC controller with an electrical frequency drive to create well-measured oil flows. The new control software has a very user-friendly menu and allows the user to locate very specifically the cause of a problem. Also, Akerboom can assist remotely to solve any problems. From now on, the crew has one point of contact for the complete mechanical, hydraulic and electrical system at Akerboom Yacht Service. As always, the project is backed with a warranty period on the complete system.

Founded in 1860, Akerboom offers the shipbuilding knowledge and product experience necessary for servicing yacht equipment, including mechanical, hydraulic and electrical systems. Since 1986, we have been improving the reliability of our products and we prevent corrosion by product improvements. We are continually adding the latest technologies and innovations to our products. Your Akerboom service representative can show you how this can upgrade your yacht or equipment.